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You can send files for printing  your Family Tree below.

The preferred File format is PDF, please set your file up to print on one sheet of paper.  In most programs there is an option of setting a custom page size.

If you don’t have the ability to create PDFs, we can also print from GEDCOMs. If you sent us a GEDCOM file, please advise us in the “Message” box below, the type of file you require e.g. a descendant chart, a pedigree chart or a chart showing how two people are connected.  For the person whose family you want us to produce a chart for, please include the name of the person, their record ID. If you send us photos to be included on the chart, please ensure their filename includes the name and date of birth of the person they relate to.  We shall send you a proof in PDF form for you to approve before we print the chart.

Remember to also include how you would like your file printed:

  • Colour or Black and White
  • What media? Plain paper,  Premium quality paper, an archival paper or canvas. If canvas, whether you want the canvas to be stretched or not. 

If you send more than ONE file please ensure you tick the ‘Send as a single zip file‘ box so we get ALL your files in one Email. Otherwise, some of your files could get missed or lost.

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