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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guide

Please allow 3mm bleed on all sides. Please supply as CMYK PDF with outlined or embedded fonts at 300dpi resolution.

PDF Standard required

If you send your artwork as PDF we require it in the following standard.

  • PDF/X-1a: This standard is ideal for file senders who want to retain the most control over the print job. It supports blind exchanges and conforms to common requirements in many parts of the world.

Instructions to make you artwork PDF/X-1a will be added to this page in due course, until then if you need help please give us a call on 01458 832292

JPG Standard required

We can print at any resolution but to ensure a clear and detailed image in print we recommend that your files are sent to us at 300 dpi. 

What is a ‘bleed’

The “bleed” is a part of the image that is not printed but is required to ensure that the printing goes right to the edge of the card. This could result in your image being cropped or an alternative solution is for the “picture part” of your image to be smaller, so that there is a white border around the edge of the front of the card.  In either case there will be a non printing area. If you do have a white border, we recommend that this is at least 5mm.

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