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We design our websites in WordPress which is one of the most robust, flexible and popular systems used to

build websites on the internet today.

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​ Web Design Glastonbury

We will create your best web design Glastonbury using our standard templates and page designs, of which we have many ensuring, we can meet our client’s web design needs. If by chance we can not find a design from our templates you are happy with, we can quote for a custom design specifically for you.

Web Design

In today’s current market, it is vital for every single business to have a presence on the web, and the website design of the site is a key element to the site’s success in boosting the exposure and productivity of the business.

Thats why we at Blue Cedar build the the Best Web Design Glastonbury for you and your business. Specialising in WordPress websites for small businesses and local artists and photographers. Find out more here…

Web Hosting

To go with your Best Web Design Glastonbury our hosting is a service that allows individuals and also companies to upload a website or websites onto the Internet. We can help you register your domain name and link it to your hosting account.

Blue Cedar provide 3 flexible levels of hosting, enabling your hosting to grow as your website gets bigger and more visitors use your site.
Click here to see what package suits you best…

Best Web Design Glastonbury That Doesn't Break the Bank

Our websites start from as little as £149 using one of our best web design templates, all we need is the pictures, content, font and colours you want your new website and we’ll have your website ready in no time.

Hosting For Start Ups and Established Firms

Whether you are a start up with not many visitors at present or an established business with 1000’s of daily visitors, our unlimited hosting is the one for you. ?

Simple straight, forward, affordable cPanel hosting.

Fast Cloud Hosting

Hosted on Pure-SSD servers with ‘nginx’ caching technology, our hosting is blazing fast.

FREE SSL Certificates

Full 256 bit protection for all of your domains, completely free of charge.

Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited domains, storage, bandwidth and emails – totally unlimited.

Powered by cPanel

Complete control with the industry leading cPanel control panel. 

A few words explaining why you need the best web design

In today’s current market, it is vital for every business to have a presence on the web– and the best web design of the site is a key element to the site’s success in boosting the exposure and productivity of the business. The Internet is often the first place that prospective customers look when searching for a company to meet their requirements, and a nicely created, properly presented and interesting site will assure them of the expert solution or offerings available from the business the website promotes. The best web presence also suggests a global presence– the possibility of connecting with customers from all corners of the globe, and it also means that regular updates on new services or pricing specials could be published to notify customers instantly and efficiently. In this way, the best web design of an appealing site can be one of a business’ biggest services for success.

It is frequently the case that businesses fear that the expense of best quality web designs will be prohibitive. While increasingly more people are getting a clearer awareness of web creation and how it works, for lots of people it just seems to be too pricey and complicated an option. Nonetheless, there are lots of simple and affordable web design services out there that will develop a quality site for as little as a couple of hundred pounds. Once a site is well fashioned, managing and updating it is often very simple — and most importantly, really worth it in terms of the reward on a little effort. When it comes to a fairly simple website that will feature only basic information, such as the nature of the business, physical address and maybe a blog for updates and announcements, it may be a case of purchasing in certain software applications that will provide templates for creating a basic website. However, for a more vibrant, active site that will fully represent the company online– and possibly allow for an e-commerce ability– it is worth counting on to an experienced website design company. Many offer competitive deals and the price tag will be undoubtedly made up for by the greater visitor traffic to the website that a competent website can bring in.

In addition to strong web design, a specialist company will also be skilled in SEO– search engine optimisation. Studies have shown that prospective clients will seldom explore beyond the first page or two of results generated by a search engine, so it is crucial to assure that the site promoting your business will be among the top results. The key here is well-structured pages and an effective use of the keywords that customers use to search. In general, text-rich web pages have been shown to achieve better in search engine results, and it is important to attain the correct balance between cultivating the maximum search engine results and designing website pages that are easy to read and navigate. A clear “call to action” button– like as a contact form or “for more details contact”– is very important too. Online visitors tend to have very limited patience for searching for hard-to-find contact details.

For the best website to be the most productive marketing and selling tool possible, both the web design and how it is marketed to have a high visibility online presence are important factors to take into consideration. Submitting to search engines, ensuring the website is designed for S.E.O, and cross-linking with related sites are all factors that will help to ensure a substantial web presence for the website, and therefore company.

A competent website design company has the design skills and online marketing expertise and know-how to produce a site that will be a perfect selling resource in the world’s largest sales market.

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